Using Pesticides In Your Home

Some people want to try to rectify a pest situation on their own before jumping to hire an expert to do the job.  When using pesticides, be sure to follow the safety instructions and use as directed.

  • Keep pets and children away from areas where pesticides have been applied.
  • After preventive steps have been taken, you can use baits as a first line of chemical defense against insects or rodents.images
    • These are often effective and can be used with low risk of exposure to the pesticide, as long as they are kept out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Pesticides not contained in baits or traps should generally only be applied to targeted locations, not sprayed over the whole room.
  • Use fogging devices only when absolutely necessary.
  • Always read and follow the pesticide label’s instructions and safety warnings.
  • Use ready-to-use products (i.e., no mixing needed) whenever possible.
  • Only apply chemicals approved for use in homes.
    • The label will list where the chemical may be used.

If you need a pest control expert, contact us at 800-525-4825 and we can preform a full home inspection of your property.

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