Upcoming Tick Season 2017

Everyone loves spring, flowers budding, leaves growing on the trees, and warmer temperatures. After a few late winter storms in March, spring has to be on your mind. However, this winter has been one of the warmest on record and with a warmer than average winter comes a worse than average tick season.
Any tick that needs to be tested gets sent to a facility at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.  They test ticks for Lyme and other diseases.  Recetick-200x200ntly they received greater than sixty ticks and tested these ticks.  Nearly 50 percent of them  were infected by Lyme Disease agents. That spells trouble for the upcoming season.
To put that into perspective, in past winters the tick testing lab typically saw only one or two ticks each day, resulting in only 30 percent testing positive for Lyme Disease.
Unfortunately, each year the cases of Lyme Disease across the country get worse. This is in part due to milder winters, increasing housing development near the woods, and even a greater population of mice that carry Lyme Disease. Which means a greater number of humans might become ill with Lyme Disease and other tick born diseases.
So what should you do? If you live near the woods, contact A1 Exterminators to spray your property clear out any shrubs that may help harbor mice that can carry ticks with Lyme Disease. Also push back any leaves from last fall into the woods, and most importantly wear light colored clothing and inspect yourself before heading inside your house this Spring.

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