Tips To Keep Mosquitoes Out of the Party

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, this weekend will be full of cookouts, parties, fireworks and other outdoor celebrations. Don’t let uninvited guests like mosquitoes crash your party and bother your guests! Here are some quick tips to help you ward off mosquitoes.Mosquito A1 exterminators

  • Try putting a citronella plant outside on your deck. This is an effective way to defend against the pests.
  • Tea Tree oil in a spray bottle has been known to keep mosquitoes at bay! Just spray your yard before a party and enjoy the mosquito free area.
  • Citronella sticks and candles can also do the trick! You can even find citronella tiki torches to add a festive touch to your outdoor fiesta!
  • You could also try spraying the area generously with Listerine in a spray bottle. Yes. Listerine. From shielding against cavities to fending off mosquitoes!
  • You could also think about leaving it to the professionals! A1 Exterminators will spray your yard with a mosquito treatment to repel the little pests and keep them from party crashing!

Have a fun and bug-free weekend!

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