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Get Pest Free with A1 Exterminators

A1 Exterminators has chosen to utilize a commercial grade Disinfectant, Sanitizer and Virucide that is EPA registered and labeled for the residential treatment of Human Coronavirus.  This product has passed the Virucidal Efficacy of a Disinfectant for Use on Inanimate Environmental Surfaces.  A1... more
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Bed Bugs in Winter

Bed bugs can withstand temperatures from nearly freezing to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes controlling them extremely difficult. However, they often succumb after a few days of exposure to temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The bad news is, as we heat our homes, we provide the perfect... more
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Winter Pest Control

Each season of the year brings a different set of pest challenges. In many areas of the country, the cooler winter temperature means fewer insect pests entering from the outdoors, but that doesn’t mean winter is time to let down your guard. Some pests can infest homes year round, and others... more
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Keep Your House Dry and Clean This Winter

Don’t wait for spring-cleaning. Prevent an infestation all winter long. Make sure to do these few chores to keep on top of any pests trying to move in. Vacuum regularly Check for leaks around sinks, toilets &tubs Keep fire wood outside Wipe counter tops after each meal ... more
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Prevention is Key!

Put an end an infestation before it begins. Here are a few tips to keep pests out this winter. Keep counter tops wiped down and get rid of the odor of food by cleaning counter tops with a mixture of half vinegar and half water. Fix all leaky faucets as soon as they begin to drip. Insects are... more
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Winter Rodent Control

Did you know that mice can squeeze through openings the size of a dime, and rats through a quarter-sized hole? Rodents can be difficult to keep out of structures. Mice can squeeze through spaces as small as a dime and rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter. For proper rodent pest control,... more
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Love for Bugs

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is in the air. Mating habits of some insects are more bizarre then romantic. Exterminators wants to share some of the oddest mating rituals found in the world of insects. Insect species have their own peculiar ways of attracting the opposite... more
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After Winter Home Inspection

Winter has come and gone....Finally!  It's spring and the saying goes, April showers will bring May flowers, but the rain may also bring other things too, pest problems.  Moisture is one of the main ingredients needed for many pest invasions, such as termites or carpenter ants around your home. ... more
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Why Pest Control is Important in the Winter

Just because it's freezing outside doesn't mean you should skip your pest control service. I know, pest control in the winter? Now is probably one of the most important times for pest control. This is the time of year that we focus on inspections and treatments inside your house. Having us come... more
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Winter and Moths

Winter is here and we are all pulling out the warm sweaters. Everyone has taken out their favorite sweater to find a hole, but how did it get there? Could it be moths? While the age of synthetic fabrics have made moth damage less common, the trend towards traditional fabrics, such as wool, means... more
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