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Facts About Nuisance Wildlife

Some wild animals that could be living right in your own backyard.  There are many wild animals native to the United States that people likely encounter on a near-daily basis, sometimes without even realizing it. These common backyard creatures have found ways to co-exist with humans, which... more
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Nuisance Wildlife During Winter

Rodents are the most common type of nuisance animal that invades homes in New England during the winter, but many other animals will also seek shelter. Wild animals may become desperate for cover when faced with the thought of the freezing temperatures during the winter months. Any home that... more
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Keep Bugs & Wildlife From Your Campsite

Camping is certainly one of summer’s most beloved activities, yet venturing into nature can have its dangers when it involves coming into contact with harmful insects and company. To keep this pastime an enjoyable one, A1 Exterminators reminds camping enthusiasts to implement proper precautions... more
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Staying Free of Nuisance Wildlife This Winter

Although rodents are often the most common wintertime pest, homeowners should be aware of the other several nuisance wildlife pests. Such as, raccoons and squirrels that can also frequently invade homes during the colder months. Wild animals are more apt to wander closer to homes and buildings... more
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Money Saving Tips for Winterizing Your Home

In many parts of the country, especially New England, this is the time of the year to start winterizing. Cooling temperatures signal the time to put away the garden hoses, retire the lawnmower, test the snow blower and fill up the bird feeders. Here are a few tips to help you winterize your home... more
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Bats Visiting The Olympic Games

Published August 12, 2012, Associated Press LONDON –  Bats in the bleachers of Olympic Stadium? Now there's an Olympic legacy to give many people nightmares. But not Kim Olliver. Faced with the prospect of having bats take up residence in the girders of Olympic stadium, Olliver, the senior... more
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