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Paper Wasp Threats

While not an aggressive species by nature, paper wasps will sting if they are disturbed or their nest is threatened. It’s unusual for an impregnated paper wasp to sting, but it can happen. By:... more
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How do I know I have a bee, wasp or hornet problem?

The presence of many bees, wasps or hornets flying around your home is the main indicator. These insects will be hunting for food and protecting their nests. If their presence becomes a nuisance, then you have a... more
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Do You Have Wasps?

Do you have a wasps nest near by? Wasps and Hornets build their nests in various (sometimes awkward to reach) places, most usually in loft spaces, but very often in garden sheds or anywhere that they can fit into where it is dry. They also build their nests underground, in old rabbit burrows or... more
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Spring Is Wasp Season; How To Spot A Wasp Infestation

So you've seen one or two wasps. Before you freak out and gear up to go destroy the nest, make sure the problem is serious. They may be passing through, or their nest may be too far to bother you on a regular basis. Make sure by checking on the signs that you have a wasp infestation! Season:... more
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