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Get Pest Free & Rid Your Parties of Bees & Wasps

The late summer and early fall are popular times to spend outdoors at barbecues or completing home maintenance projects. It is also the season that stinging insects – including yellow jackets, wasps and bees are most active and aggressive, leading to an increased number of stings. Get rid of... more
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Don’t Let Wasps Ruin Your Backyard BBQs This Summer

Wasp nest attached toa white house
Many people are allergic to these stinging insects and it can turn into an emergency.   Wasps can cause frustration during summer months because they are often attracted to sweet food and drink. People often mistake wasps for bees, but they are actually quite different. Wasps are... more
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Don’t Get Stung This Summer…

Bees are back in full force this season. Is your home and yard protected? Be sure your family doesn't face their wrath. Don't start Summer out fearing bee stings or wasp infestations.30 Carpenter bees are similar to bumble bees, however they are large, shiny and black, not fuzzy as a... more
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How To Identify Paper Wasps: Everything You Need To Know

Close-up photo of paper wasp nest with baby wasp larvae within cells. "How to ID: Paper Wasps" [A1 Logo]
Paper wasps are one of the most common types of wasps in North America. They are easily recognized by their long, slender bodies and their wings, which are darker than the rest of their bodies. Paper wasps are also characterized by their long legs, which they use to hang upside down from their... more
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Wasps Thrive in Late Summer and Autumn

Wasps are Back by (Un)Popular Demand For some, the end of summer may mean the end of flip-flops and lazy days by the pool, but it certainly does not signal the end of wasp season. In fact, at this point in the season, wasp populations are reaching their largest numbers, having had the entire... more
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Paper Wasp Prevention

Paper wasps often build nests in residential yards. Before trimming shrubs or hedges, or picking fruit, check the plant for paper wasp nests. Treat wood fences and deck railings with a repellent oil to deter paper wasps from gathering cellulose from the wood. If you suspect you have a paper wasp... more
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As Wasps Emerge

If you happen to see one or two lone wasps inside the house this spring, don’t be alarmed; it’s probably just an overwintering queen that has become trapped indoors. Cold temperatures kill paper wasp colonies each winter, but before they are eliminated, the colonies produce male wasps to mate... more
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