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Property Management Pest Control

Do you own a rental property? Have any of your tenants complained about a pest problem? Let A1 Exterminators inspect your property before a pest infestation gets out of control. We will inspect your rental property and explain the best plan of action for your type of dwelling. Our team of highly... more
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Is Your Home Rodent Safe?

Now is a good time to check the outside of your house and look for any small openings that a mouse can fit into.  The last thing you want this season is to have some unwanted guests moving into your home.  Mice can fit through a hole as small as a dime. If you happen to find that you may already... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday!!

Rodents start entering homes and garages to nest for the upcoming colder months and they may be thriving on bagged bird seed and grass seed in the garage, on food they find in the kitchen, or on crumbs from snacks that have been taken to other rooms of the house.  Keep everything sealed and... more
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