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Check For Bed Bugs Before Unpacking

Spring break will be soon and there will be a lot of much needed vacations and traveling to warmer climates.  Checking for bed bugs should be one of the first things you do when you arrive at your destination.  Here are a few tips on checking your room for bed bugs. Starting with the area... more
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Traveling Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs

Summer is almost over, but that also means there are a ton of last minute vacation plans. Before hitting the road to enjoy some rest and relaxation, we encourage travelers to learn and practice bed bug prevention tips to help avoid bringing home these unwanted souvenirs. “Bed bugs can turn a... more
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Will Bedbugs Bite at the Olympics in London?

 By Dr Cameron Webb  7/18/12 Traveling to the London Olympics? What do you expect to bring back? Some  amazing memories?  How about some bed bug bites, or worse a few bugs to kick off an infestation at home? With a global resurgence of these biting pests, there may be a few unwelcome visitors... more
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