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Florida, Hawaii, Europe, And Bedbugs… No Thanks!

We are in the middle of Summer now and people are still getting on those planes heading all over. And like all vacations you have your worries, luggage loss, money loss, someone gets sick, you lose your phone, there was a mistake and your hotel is fully booked, anything can happen. But what about... more
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Don't Let Bedbugs Keep You From Traveling This Summer

Does all this talk about bedbugs make you hesitant to travel? The constant news coverage of the spreading infestations of bedbugs in major cities could keep you at home this summer. But you could plan your vacation wisely and steer clear of the bugs! First, decide where you would like to take a... more
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Summer Bed Bug Alert: How to Protect Yourself

By MELANIE HAIKEN If you’re worried about encountering bed bugs this summer, or — poor you — you’re already coping with them, you’re in good company. One in five Americans has had bed bugs or knows someone who has, and 80 percent are afraid of encountering them in hotels, according to a... more
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