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Protect Your Family Pets from Fleas and Ticks

The spring season is a time when all members of the family, including pets, wander outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and blossoming flowers. Unfortunately, it’s also prime pest season, which means pets are at risk of encountering hungry fleas and ticks that are in search of active hosts. As such, A1... more
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Protect What Matters

Ticks can carry several types of viruses and diseases.  Lyme disease can be transmitted to humans and pets through a tick bit so it is best to control these pests and keep them off your property. A1 Exterminators can keep ticks and pests off your... more
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Ticks in Spring

With spring comes new life, and with that new life comes risks. Ticks, mosquitoes and fleas are already out in droves, and after a particularly mild winter some Southern Tier medical professionals said there will be more of them then usual. “We had a mild fall, a mild winter. People were going... more
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Ticks Emerge During Spring

Typically ticks start coming out in early May, however there have been reports of people having tick bites in late April. This means, ticks are going to be thriving during the summer months. The late snowfall can be some of the reason that the ticks are being protected from the unseasonable cold... more
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