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Tick Eggs and Humans

The good news is that ticks don’t lay eggs on humans or on any other animals. Adult female ticks only lay their eggs after they have filled up on blood and detached from the host. The bad news is that tick eggs can still be a serious problem. If they detach from you or your pet inside your... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday | Getting Rid of Tick Eggs

If you find them in your home, the best way to kill tick eggs is using table salt. Sprinkle a generous amount of salt over your carpet or couch cushions, and leave the salt for a week. The salt will dehydrate and kill tick eggs. To kill tick eggs in the yard you can use commercially available... more
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Tick Treatment Program

A1 Exterminators offers a traditional & green solutions for your home & business tick problems. Our licensed staff will provide an initial survey of the property to determine the extent of treatment required. Our technicians will make additional recommendations that the homeowner can do to... more
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