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Acute or early skin manifestations of a tick bite

For both hard and soft tick bites, 0.5–2 cm red areas, papules (small bumps), or thin plaques may form at the site of attachment within 1 to 3 days. The lesion may feel hard and may be surrounded by redness. Mild swelling or blister formation can occur. The bite can be mild to severely... more
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What are the clinical features of a tick bite?

While tick bites can be painful, in many cases they can go unnoticed. Once the tick is full from its blood meal it falls off the skin. Ticks can be categorized as either hard or soft ticks and this distinction determines some of the clinical features of the tick bite. Hard ticks feed for a... more
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What is a tick bite?

Ticks are blood-sucking parasites. When they take a blood meal, they can cause dermatological disease directly by their bite, or indirectly as vectors of other diseases. Tick-borne diseases include: Bacterial infections including Lyme disease, relapsing fever, tularaemia, and... more
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Interesting Facts about Ticks

Summer means more sunshine (usually) and more time outdoors playing, hiking and exploring nature. Unfortunately, this can also mean more quality time with some of nature’s most nefarious pests. Ticks, which are commonly encountered in tall grass and wooded areas, are one such notorious pest.... more
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Tick Treatment Program

A1 Exterminators offers a traditional & green solutions for your home & business tick problems. Our licensed staff will provide an initial survey of the property to determine the extent of treatment required. Our technicians will make additional recommendations that the homeowner can do to... more
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Protect Against Ticks

Summer has finally arrived here in the Northeast and people are venturing outside to enjoy the much needed sunshine and warm weather. Certain species of ticks are capable of transmitting serious diseases to humans when they bite, including Lyme disease. We encourage people to take steps to protect... more
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