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How Pest Control is Leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) 2023

In 2023, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to aid consumers in the pest control industry. 🤖🐀 Agrosmart's unique AI counts the number of insects caught in its traps, alerting farmers on their smartphones when they need more pesticides. Apps like Picture Insect help technicians and... more
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Designer Fly Trap Is a Stunningly Beautiful Way to Murder Bugs

If for some reason you feel guilty whenever you off a mosquito or other annoying bug, this beautifully sculpted fly trap should ease your pain. Because we can't imagine a more elegant or soothing place for insects to meet their demise. But Acase's $80 InaTrap isn't just about looks. It's also... more
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Genetically Mutated Mosquitoes Fighting Dengue Fever

By Reg Gale Scientists, attempting to halt Dengue fever, for the first time released mosquitoes into the wild that had been genetically modified to pass on deadly DNA that kills their offspring. About 19,000 lab-altered insects were released into 25 acres on Grand Cayman Island in 2009, according... more
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