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Getting Rid Of Bugs, Try Eating Them??

Gross or great? Unexpected delicacies from around the world Published July 23, 2012 / The Daily Meal In the field of adventurous eating, those seeking flavor-packed thrills are often ready and willing to sample the world's most exotic cultural delicacies and outrageous ingredients. However,... more
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Swarms Of Venomous Spiders Kill In India

Most of us run when we see a spider, and yes it is ok to have the fear and want them exterminated, but how many of them are really dangerous bugs? It's very likely none of the spiders we all run from on a daily basis are anywhere near as dangerous as some of the spiders that are out there we... more
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From The Mother Spider To The Spiderlings In The Egg Sac

  Many spiders die in the fall after producing an egg sac, but some live through the winter and mate in the spring then die. Others survive for two or more years, including the wolf spider that may live for several years and the tarantula that has been known to live for 20 years. The... more
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