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Help Prevent Spread Of Mosquito-Borne Illnesses

A1 Exterminators can help homeowners reduce their exposure to mosquito bites by inspecting properties for mosquito breeding sites, treating to control mosquitoes or suggesting corrective actions, and providing basic information. Eliminate or reduce mosquito breeding sites by replacing all... more
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2019 Spring/Summer Bug Barometer

With warmer weather comes more pests! Check out the Bug Barometer® to see what the pest pressure forecast looks like in your area. Image from National Pest Management... more
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Keep Pets Pest Free

Fleas are a common pest that can affect pets, especially cats and dogs. The most common species of fleas plaguing American homes and their domestic animals is the cat flea. Their bites can cause itchy, red bumps that lead to excessive scratching. Fleas can also cause conditions such as anemia... more
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Interesting Facts about Ticks

Summer means more sunshine (usually) and more time outdoors playing, hiking and exploring nature. Unfortunately, this can also mean more quality time with some of nature’s most nefarious pests. Ticks, which are commonly encountered in tall grass and wooded areas, are one such notorious pest.... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday | Lavender Fly Spray

To make some lavender fly spray, follow these simple steps. Fill a small spray bottle with regular tap water and add 30 drops of lavender essential oil. (If you use a larger spray bottle, add more drops, you want it to be quite potent for it to be effective.) Shake the bottle each time you want to... more
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Dodge Ant Infestations this Summer

Spotting a line for food at a summer barbecue can be exciting, but not when it’s accompanied with a line of ants. A1 Exterminators says prevention of these picnic-crashing pests is key because they can be difficult to control once they infiltrate a property in large numbers. “Summer cookouts,... more
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Don't Let Summer Pests Ruin Your Summer Plans

Some of the best summer memories are made while spending time with family and friends at backyard barbecues and celebrations. However, an invasion of pesky pests such as mosquitoes, ants, flies and stinging insects can quickly put a damper on outdoor activities. A1 Exterminators reminds homeowners... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday – Remove Ticks Quickly

Ticks are a big pest issue this time of year.  After taking Fido for a walk, use a lint roller right after being in the woods or on a brush walk. By rolling the sticky tape from the lint roller, you can catch some ticks before the embed themselves into your pet.  Always do a double check after... more
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Tick Control in Massachusetts

Most people have, at one time or another, found a tick on a family member, the family pet or on themselves.  Tick bites can be painful and cause skin inflammation, secondary infection and could start forming microorganisms that spread disease. There are several different types of ticks found in... more
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