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Cute Bug Catcher Craft

Craft this cute bug catcher to corral summer bugs or other creepy crawlers so you can give them a closer look. What You Need: • Scissors, ruler • 6-1/2-inch square of black fiberglass insect screening • Wire cutters • 22-gauge lime-green wire • Empty plastic mayonnaise jar •... more
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Earwigs – Summer Pests

Earwigs Earwigs are a member of the phylum Arthropoda and are a type of insect. The earwig is native to Eurasia but were found in America and Europe in the 1900's and have been considered an invasive pest ever since, both because of earwig bites and for their ruining domestic plants. Earwigs are... more
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Ticks That Spread a Red-Meat Allergy

If Lyme disease isn't reason enough to avoid ticks, here's another: the inability to enjoy a burger. Odd as it seems, researchers say that bites from the voracious lone star tick are making some people allergic to red meat—even if they've never had a problem eating it before. The allergic... more
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