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Fall is Stink Bug Season

The fall season is officially here, and with it comes the resurgence of the pesky brown marmorated stink bug. Originally from Asia, this invader is now found throughout most of the continental U.S. This is partially due to its lack of natural predators. Easily identified by their mottled brownish... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday | Stink Bug Spray

A home made stink bug spray. Mix 32 oz hot water with 3/4 cup mild dish soap. Spray this solution directly onto stink bugs or in areas where stink bugs gather. It will kill the current bugs there without the awful smell and keep new bugs from gathering in that... more
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Stink Bugs Come Looking for a Nice Warm Home

Now that the weather is cooling down, stink bugs are looking for warm places to hibernate — and they just might move in with you. While they haven't invoked fear they way bedbugs have, they do live up to their name. To those who aren't farmers, stink bugs pose no threat. Stink bugs do not feed on... more
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