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Squirrel Life Cycles

About 25 percent of all squirrels don't make it past the first year of life. The death rate for squirrels stays high for its first two years of life due to predators, diseases and road accidents. A squirrel that makes it past its first two years can expect to live an average of four to five more... more
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Common Pests in the Attic

House Mice in the Attic Strange sounds coming from your attic? It could be pests scratching and scurrying about! Although the attic may be merely a storage space to you, it can often be a welcoming home for animal intruders like rodents, bats and raccoons, arachnids and insects... more
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Squirrel Control & Prevention

With here, squirrels will be looking to stay cozy. Since attics are an ideal hide-out, here are some tips from A1 Exterminators for keeping them out. There are many important steps to prevent a tree squirrel infestation inside the home. It is recommended to seal all possible points of entry... more
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