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Spiders Looking for Homes

With about 3,000 spider species roaming around North America, a few are bound to end up in our homes more often than not. However only a few  of those pose any actual health dangers to humans - namely the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider. Although most spiders are nuisance pests, it... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday | Spider Repellent Tip

Spiders hate the scent of peppermint.  Use this to keeps spiders away during the fall season.  Spiders are always looking for a warm place to hide and with the cooler weather coming, they will start looking for a new home inside your home. Fill a spray bottle with water and add peppermint oil.... more
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So Many Spiders In The Fall

Once the air begins getting cooler, you might notice more and more spiders in your house. Why is this? Spiders mating season has a lot to do with it. They hatch in the spring, reproduce, and then start spinning webs in the fall to begin mating for the following year. While most people are afraid of... more
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Spiders are Scary

Spider are scary when the sneak up on you and show up in places when they just shouldn't be there. Halloween spiders are fun and festive, not so much after the holiday. Let A1 Exterminators take care of your spider problem. Contact A1 Exterminators to do a complete and through inspection of your... more
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