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Halloween Kid Craft

Looking to keep the kids busy for a little while?  Give them a pad of ink, a black pen and some googly eyes and have them make finger print spiders, bats and creepy... more
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Spiders are Some of the Scariest Pests

It’s the spookiest month of the year and spiders top many people’s lists of the scariest pests! Here's a handy guide for identifying common species that frequently find their way in to homes, including the brown recluse spiders: Brown Recluse Spiders Brown recluse spiders have a characteristic... more
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Bug Fact

Have you ever come into contact with a jumping spider? It can be a little unsettling. Jumping spiders can jump up to fifty times their own length.... more
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Spiders Are Moving In

Homeowners might begin to notice more spiders in and around their home as the New England weather gets cooler. Just like humans, spiders seek shelter from the chilly weather.  Where do they look?  In you home.  We make sure our homes are nice and cozy and that make it a perfect spot for these... more
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