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Environmentally Conscious Termite Control

Rather than saturating the soil with liquid chemical solution, the Sentricon System uses Recruit™ termite bait strategically, while cleverly manipulating termite biology and behavior to destroy the termite colony. The Sentricon System has many environmental credentials. The Sentricon System... more
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Rapid Adoption Helps Recruit® HD Bait Obtain Patent Protection

A1 Exterminators uses the Sentricon System for termite control.  We are happy to hear the Recruit HD termite bait has been given U.S. patent protection. It’s a fact that Certified Sentricon Specialists™ (CSSs) have made the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology the most rapid... more
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Controlling Termites and Carpenter Ants

After the long snowy winter and a very wet spring...Carpenter Ants and Termites will be thriving in our New England homes if you're not prepared. By living in the United States, you live under the constant threat of costly damage caused by wood-destroying bugs. Identifying and understanding the... more
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