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Insects Are Affected By Climate Change Too

By Jeremy Shere It’s well known that big animals, like polar bears, are vulnerable to climate change. The Earth warms, polar ice melts, and the bears are out of luck. The same goes for tigers, sea lions, elephants. As the globe heats up and habitats change, all big creatures are potentially at... more
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Predatory Insects Are Picky Eaters

University of Sydney Friday, January 13, 2012 University researchers have debunked the dogma that predators aren't picky eaters, with a new study finding predator animals that are given a choice of foods will select a diet that maximizes their chances of reproducing. The researchers, including... more
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Genetically Mutated Mosquitoes Fighting Dengue Fever

By Reg Gale Scientists, attempting to halt Dengue fever, for the first time released mosquitoes into the wild that had been genetically modified to pass on deadly DNA that kills their offspring. About 19,000 lab-altered insects were released into 25 acres on Grand Cayman Island in 2009, according... more
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