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Get Rodent Free with A1 Exterminators!

Elephant standing on chair afraid of mouse. "What are you scared of? Call to get pest free A1 Exterminators" [A1 Logo]
What are you scared of? When inspecting for mice or rats, an A1 Exterminator technician will look for rodent burrows, holes in the ground where rodents nest and create an underground tunnel around dumpsters, homes or buildings. Another sign for mice or rats are “rub marks,” which... more
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Get Rid of Pesky Rodents in Your Home – Get Pest Free With A1 Exterminators

Heard scratching and skittering coming from the walls or ceiling? Evict any mice in the walls by following these key strategies. #1: Lure them out. Mice will emerge from your walls in search of food, and that’s your best window of opportunity to catch them. #2: Use rodenticides with... more
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Is Your Commercial Office or Building Pest Free?

Is your building pest free? Are you looking to keep your clients and customers healthy and satisfied? The CDC encourages disinfection of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables. Other spaces... more
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Winter Pest Control

Each season of the year brings a different set of pest challenges. In many areas of the country, the cooler winter temperature means fewer insect pests entering from the outdoors, but that doesn’t mean winter is time to let down your guard. Some pests can infest homes year round, and others... more
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Rude winter rodent guest

Rodents don’t make good house guests whether they are inside or outside. They dig in flower beds; cause damage to buildings, electrical wiring, vehicles, boats, tools, tarps, linens, paper products, insulation and so much more; they poop everywhere; they spread diseases and they get into any... more
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How To Get Rid Of A Squirrel In Your Roof

Your first indication that you have an animal living in your roof may be the noise it makes when it moves in the rafters. If it has been there for a while, you may get a smell of urine and feces, especially in hot weather. There is no question that you need to have it removed from your house. The... more
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Mouse Biology

The House Mouse (Mus musculus) is a common rodent pest inside people's homes. They are usually around three inches long and weigh less than an ounce. They're quite a bit smaller than rats. They can have up to a dozen litters per year, and up to a dozen baby mice per litter. That's gross! Average... more
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Rodent Prevention Tip

A mouse can fit through an opening the size of a dime. Seal cracks and holes on the outside of the home, including areas where utilities and pipes enter the home, using caulk, steel wool or a combination of both. Find out more here visit our website at www.a1exterminators.com... more
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Frayed Wires? A Rodent Could Be The Culprit

Car and house wiring issues can be expensive and sometimes downright dangerous. Believe it or not, rodents like mice and rats could be the culprits behind the damage. While many people are aware of the health risks posed by rodents spread, it’s often a surprise that they also have a love for... more
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Keeping Bugs Out of the House During Winter

We all love to stay inside and keep warm in the winter months, but there are many pests looking to do the same thing.  They are searching for ways into your home to keep warm. There are some steps you can take to keep the pests away and enjoy a pest-free winter in your home. Be sure all trees... more
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