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Check out our promos for July. Our free consultation appointment slots are filling up fast.Coupons cannot be combined with any other offers. Limit 1 per customer. Must present coupon at time of service. Other exclusions may apply. To get the deal, please reference the Coupon Code when speaking... more
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Residential Pest Control with A1 Exterminators

A1 Exterminators has been successfully exterminating uninvited guests, like insects and rodents, from homes for over 65 years. All of the materials used in the living area of your home meet or exceed state and local regulatory requirements. Learn more about our Residential Pest Control... more
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Common Pests that Invade During the Winter

When winter weather arrives, some pests go into hibernation while others enter homes seeking warmth and food sources. The National Pest Management Association encourages homeowners to take several precautions against common winter pests like mice, rats, raccoons, cockroaches and spiders.... more
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Commercial Pest Control Services

A1 Exterminators has been helping businesses with all of their pest control needs in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for over 61 years. Our licensed and skilled pest control technicians can handle all of your commercial pest control needs. Our A1 pest control technicians are licensed and certified... more
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Pest Tip: Cut Trees and Shrubs Away from House

Plants are bridges insects cross to enter your home. If grass is growing right up against your foundation, insects are more likely to be present. In addition to proximity, poorly placed plants can create even more pest problems b weakening the structural integrity of your home’s exterior. Many... more
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A Guide to Mosquitoes and Mosquito Prevention

There are different types of mosquitoes found throughout the world, including all regions of the U.S. They are an annoyance to most because of the itchy mosquito bites they leave behind, but they can also pose a far more serious threat. In fact, mosquitoes are often described as one of the... more
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Pest Prevention Tips

A little prevention can go a long way to keep pests out of your home. Seven simple tips you can use. Some may seem obvious, but you’d be amazed at the number of folks who don’t follow these simple guidelines. 1. Seal cracks in your home’s exterior to help keep pests like ants, spiders and... more
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Pest Control is Vital to Our Everyday Lives

Public health officials attribute the quality of life we have today to three things: better pharmaceuticals and vaccines, better sanitation and better pert control. Here are four reasons, pest control is vital to our everyday lives. Pest professionals protect our property from damage. Pests can... more
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June is National Home Ownership Month!

June is National Home Ownership Month! Are you taking steps to protect your biggest investment from common household pests such as termites and rodents? Contact A1 Exterminators for a complete evaluation of your property.... more
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Termite Control Tips For Your Home

 Termites can cause a lot of damage to your home. They need food, moisture, and warmth to survive.  If they can find a way in to your home, it is the perfect place to live. A termite specialist like A1 Exterminators can help you identify problem areas around your home that might make it... more
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