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Basic Facts About Raccoons

Raccoons are nuisance animals that can become aggressive and spread disease to humans and pets. They are active year-round but can be most destructive in late winter and early spring as they seek nesting or den areas in which to birth their young. Raccoon Description Raccoons are stocky... more
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Do You have an Unwanted Guest?

Raccoons have been looking for warm place to spend the winter.  If you are unlucky enough to have one decide to be an unwanted house guest, do not try to remove a Raccoon on your own. Raccoons will do what ever they need to in order to survive.  If you come across a Raccoon in your basement or... more
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Hiker Attacked by Rabid Raccoon

The raccoon attacked a hiker who was in a restroom at Wissahickon Valley Park, Philadelphia on Thursday, May 10th, near the Valley Green Inn. The animal was trapped and tested positive for rabies. The victim is undergoing treatment to prevent rabies infection, the Health Dept. said. Officials are... more
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