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Bug Tip Tuesday | Get Bugs Out of Pine Cones

Fresh pine cones are a beautiful, natural addition to your home decor. They are available for free in the great outdoors and are eco-friendly. Many craft sites suggest the use of chlorine bleach on pine cones. Pine cones are porous and will absorb the bleach. They will continuously release these... more
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Remove Bugs From Pine Cones

Everyone likes the smell of fresh pine cones, but bringing them in your house can also bring some unwanted pests.  Before using them for your holiday decor, it is best to bake off any bugs that may be lingering withing the pine cones.  Here are the steps to "Bake off the Bugs". Before you dry... more
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Bug-Free Pine Cones

If you have any time left tonight before the guests arrive tomorrow morning try making a beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece.  Have the kids grab some Pine Cones from the yard and slow roast them. Slow roasting/drying Pine Cones will kill off any bugs that may have been living inside and preserve... more
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