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Winter Season Poses Pest Infestation Risks

With warm weather pests like mosquitoes and bees less active in the colder winter season in New England, many homeowners may feel their pest-proofing duties are done until springtime, but that is not the case. A1 Exterminators is working to help educate the public on the importance of pest proofing... more
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Property Management Pest Control

Do you own a rental property? Have any of your tenants complained about a pest problem? Let A1 Exterminators inspect your property before a pest infestation gets out of control. We will inspect your rental property and explain the best plan of action for your type of dwelling. Our team of highly... more
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Moving This Year?

Will the new year, bring a new home for your family?  No one wants to move into a new place just to find out there’s a pest infestation! Here are a few tips on how to find a pest problem when looking at houses. Look closely at cabinets, the floor, or small crevices for fecal matter. Are... more
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Keep Pests Out of the Kitchen During the Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching, families will soon be spending more time in the kitchen, cooking turkey dinners and baking pumpkin pies. However, Exterminators reminds residents to check their cabinets and seldom-used ingredients for pantry pests that can become a hassle during this time... more
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