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New Centipede Discovered

Scientists have recently discovered a new species that lives two thirds of a mile underground, and survives perfectly fine in complete darkness. The Geophilus hadesi, named after the mythological underworld, Hades. This centipede has exceptionally elongated antennae, which allow it to detect any... more
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New Species of Fruit Flies

A group of researchers from the U.S. and Australia have announced the completely unexpected discovery of two exotic fruit flies in urban Los Angeles in a paper appearing in the journal PLOS ONE. The species were not previously known to exist in the... more
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Swarms Of Venomous Spiders Kill In India

Most of us run when we see a spider, and yes it is ok to have the fear and want them exterminated, but how many of them are really dangerous bugs? It's very likely none of the spiders we all run from on a daily basis are anywhere near as dangerous as some of the spiders that are out there we... more
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