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Make Your Own Mosquito Trap

  We are all looking for different ways to keep the mosquitoes at bay, we use grass fogger, bug spray and candles. But how about trying this one using items and ingredients you already have at home... Supplies: 1 2 liter soda bottle a sharp knife black paper tape candy... more
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Customized Mosquito Treatment Plan For You

Mosquito Treatment We will customize our maintenance programs to fit your personal needs. Each A1 client receives an unique service program that will give you the reliable service and effective mosquito treatment you deserve. Our certified technicians are trained in the latest methods of dealing... more
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Tips To Keep Mosquitoes Out of the Party

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, this weekend will be full of cookouts, parties, fireworks and other outdoor celebrations. Don't let uninvited guests like mosquitoes crash your party and bother your guests! Here are some quick tips to help you ward off mosquitoes. Try putting a... more
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Interesting Mosquito Facts

Mosquitoes, the insects that are hated all over the world. These pesky, disease-carrying pests make a living by sucking the blood out of just about anything that moves, especially us! But here are some interesting facts about the mosquito. Mosquitoes are the deadliest animals on Earth. That's... more
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Is It Time For You To Get Mosquito Control For Your Family?

April is just a week away and the most active timeframe for mosquitoes is April through October from dust to dawn. If you were considering getting mosquito control now may be the time to call, before you family is at risk of mosquito carrying diseases. Some authorities argue accordingly that... more
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Top 10 Deadliest Insects Around The World

Though not necessarily the most prolifically deadly animal on earth, insects certainly hold their fair share of the unfortunate demises. Throughout history, the insect has played a major rollĀ in many different actions and reactions ranging from writings in the Bible to golden statues in Egyptian... more
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Harmful Insects

Some insects are harmful to humans. Locusts can devastate a farmer's crops in only a few hours. Parasitic insects feed on human blood and can transmit dangerous diseases to its host. Fleas were the cause of the Medieval Black Plague. Lice infest human hair and cause severe itching. Female... more
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A BAT FOUND IN WINTER Every now and then during the winter alive bat will be found on the ground outdoors or possibly flying around indoors. No one can assume the reason it emerged from hibernation so it is best to leave it alone and contact the local animal control officer or police to handle the... more
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Genetically Mutated Mosquitoes Fighting Dengue Fever

By Reg Gale Scientists, attempting to halt Dengue fever, for the first time released mosquitoes into the wild that had been genetically modified to pass on deadly DNA that kills their offspring. About 19,000 lab-altered insects were released into 25 acres on Grand Cayman Island in 2009, according... more
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Natural pest control: Mosquitos and fleas

These are the two most common insect pests New Englanders loathe. They both can carry bloodbourne pathogens that can be harmful and sometimes even deadly. Nasty little bloodsuckers that they are the best way is to prevent that they ever show up on your person! Natural Mosquito Repellents First of... more
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