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How To Tell A Spider Bite From A Mosquito Bite | Bug Tip Tuesday

When mosquitoes bite, they make one hole. Some saliva is injected, and then they drink up blood straight from the capillary. The bite can swell and itch, or not be noticed. Some mosquitoes spread rather dangerous diseases, like malaria or dengue fever.Spiders inject venom from one or two... more
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Little-Known Facts about Mosquitoes

(There are approximately 3,500 species of mosquitoes, so behavior can vary)Only female mosquitoes bite when they want to reproduce, otherwise they prefer flower nectar. The males also survive on flower nectar and don't take blood meals. Humans typically aren't a mosquito's first choice for... more
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Mosquitoes Thriving As Summer Comes To An End

A1-Exterminators encourages ongoing vigilance against mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases.  As the final weeks of summer come upon us, that doesn’t mean mosquitoes will disappear with the arrival of cooler weather. People should continue to remain cautious of mosquitoes, as they are known to... more
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Bug Bite Season is Here

Bug bite season is here. Do you know when you need to see a doctor for a bug bite? Spring usually brings out the spiders then the ticks and mosquitoes. If you get a bug bite, and it is hot and tender or is oozing you should see a doctor. There could be an infection that needs to be treated. Lyme... more
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