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Rodent Tip Tuesday | Mouse-proofing your home

Getting rid of mice is not easy. Mice entered your home because it’s cozy, have food and most of all are easy to get into. Contrary to what you see in cartoons like Tom & Jerry, mice don’t need a gaping half-circle of a hole in your baseboard. They can squeeze through tiny cracks, holes... more
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It’s just a couple mice…

Some people might think that a couple of mice aren’t a big deal. But two mice in your home can do a lot of damage. In just six months, two mice can eat four pounds of food and leave 18,000 droppings. Plus, mice multiply fast. One female can have five to 10 litters of about five or six mice a... more
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Rodent Control: Mice Are Most Active in the Winter

Winter is the season where rodents are most active.Rodents are still coming in and are active in the winter. To inspect for rodents, listen for noise in the walls and look out for droppings or chewed food wrappers found in rooms where you didn’t leave food. Areas that are most likely to have... more
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