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Red meat allergy from tick bite

The lone star tick, found in the eastern half of the U.S. and Mexico, can cause you to develop an alpha-gal allergy. Alpha-gal is a sugar found in red meats like beef, lamb and pork. Lone star tick bites, it seems, increase the level of antibodies for alpha-gal in your body, leading to allergic... more
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Ticks That Spread a Red-Meat Allergy

If Lyme disease isn't reason enough to avoid ticks, here's another: the inability to enjoy a burger. Odd as it seems, researchers say that bites from the voracious lone star tick are making some people allergic to red meat—even if they've never had a problem eating it before. The allergic... more
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New Ticks Spread Across Southeast, Diseases Rise

Published May 29, 2012/Associated Press In the trees and grasses of the South, there are a growing number of unwanted visitors that at best are an itchy nuisance and at worst can carry debilitating diseases: Ticks. Public health officials say that numbers of reported cases of diseases like Lyme... more
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