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Bug Tip Tuesday | Lavender Fly Spray

To make some lavender fly spray, follow these simple steps. Fill a small spray bottle with regular tap water and add 30 drops of lavender essential oil. (If you use a larger spray bottle, add more drops, you want it to be quite potent for it to be effective.) Shake the bottle each time you want to... more
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Herbs in Your Garden that Help Repel Bugs

No one likes flies! Actually most will tell you that flies are one of there least favorite bugs. They are annoying nasty flying bugs. Or what about mosquitoes? Have you ever heard anyone say, 'gee, lets go outside it's perfect mosquito weather'... NO! How about moths, maybe they don't bother you,... more
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Don't Have Bug Spray? Make Some Homemade Bug Repellents!

Pepper Spray: Works great for small pests Boil 2 or 3 cups of water. Add about ¬Ĺ to 2/3 cup of chopped hot pepper. Let marinate for a few minutes. Run the mixture thru a sieve to remove the peppers. Put the liquid in a squirt bottle and use when necessary. Be careful not to spray directly on... more
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