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Kissing Bug Chaos

The “kissing bug” or the triatomine bug has recently been in the news for its deadly bite. These beetle-like bugs are found in almost all southern states of the country from the east coast to the west coast, but how dangerous are they? They do have a parasite in their bite, which causes Chagas... more
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Love for Bugs

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is in the air. Mating habits of some insects are more bizarre then romantic. Exterminators wants to share some of the oddest mating rituals found in the world of insects. Insect species have their own peculiar ways of attracting the opposite... more
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Doctors in the United States should be aware of the risk of mother-to-child transmission of Chagas disease.

First US case of mother-to-child Chagas disease reported Published July 06, 2012 MyHealthNewsDaily A boy born in Virginia two years ago became the known first person in the United States to have acquired Chagas disease from his mother, according to a new report that describes the case. The case... more
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