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Cleaner, Deodorizer & Pesticide

Here is an easy DIY recipe that is a cleaner, deodorizer and pesticide all in one. What you will need: 1 Cup borax 1 Cup baking soda 30 Drops of any essential oil 1 Mason jar Directions: Pour all ingredients into the mason jar and shake until mixed. Puncture a hole in the lid of the... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday – Keep Pests Away

If you suspect you have pests that are to blame for damage to your plants, inspect the leaves; unlike insects that leave jagged edges on half-eaten leaves, mammals, like rabbits, leave a clean cut or devour the foliage completely. With just a little Irish Spring you can rid yourself of larger... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday!

That black, rubbery drain accessory which prevents water and food particles from splashing up when the disposal is on is a perfect home for fruit flies. This is an often-neglected area, so clean it regularly. If you find you have fruit flies, add about an inch of apple cider vinegar to the bottom... more
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