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Pest Control Quick Tips

Here are some quick and easy bug and pest control tips to follow to help keep your home pest free! Seal and caulk cracks around windows, doors, siding, chimneys, and other small openings to prevent stink bugs and other uninvited guests from getting into your home. Store firewood at least 20... more
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Flies Still Pestering You

This time of year there still might be a few pesky house flies that you just cant seem to get rid of. It turns out that flies actually hate the smell of basil, so keeping a pot of basil in a sunny area in the kitchen as well as hanging some basil leaves in doorways and windowsills around the house.... more
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Keeping Your Firewood Insect Free

By Jerry B. Mills Homeowners may unwittingly bring insects into their home along with firewood, but as long as wood is properly handled and stored, insect emergence in the home can be avoided. If wood is kept below 50 degrees, insects living in it will remain dormant. However, if taken indoors and... more
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