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Horsefly Bites: Symptoms, Treatments & Prevention

The horsefly is known under many different names in different countries, including deer flies, clags, gadflies or breeze flies. These flies are known for attacking animals including humans and biting them to feed on their blood. This can be dangerous because the horsefly can transmit parasites or... more
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Reproduction Patterns of Flies

The female housefly lays about 50 to 100 eggs at one time in organic debris. The eggs will hatch into maggots in a mere 12 hours after being deposited. These maggots will feed on the organic debris and then each will build a cocoon where it will pupate and turn into an adult housefly. It's a... more
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A Horseflies Bite Is Extremely Painful

Horseflies are considered pests for the bites that many inflict, they are among the world's largest true flies. They are known to be extremely noisy during flight. They are also important pollinators of flowers. The bite from a large specimen is painful. Most short tongued species of horse flies... more
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