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Happy Labor Day

What do people do? Labor Day is a day of rest or the last chance for many people to go on trips before the summer ends. For students, it is the last chance to organize parties before school starts again. In some neighborhoods, people organize fireworks displays, barbecues and public arts or sports... more
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First Night in Worcester, MA | Ants, Termites, Bees, Bed Bugs

First Night of 2012 in Worcester December 31st This is the place to catch a rising star, wish upon a star, or be a star! Be it music, dance, puppetry, comedy, vaudeville, storytelling, theater, juggling, visual installations, improvisation, ventriloquism, mime, or magic, just imagine what you... more
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National Chocolate Covered Insect Day

Today is National Chocolate Covered Insect day. You've probably consumed your fair share of bugs during your lifetime -- either as a kid stuffing dirt in your mouth or last week when you yawned while riding around on your bike. No need to panic -- most insects are edible and in fact quite... more
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