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Bug Tip Tuesday – Marigolds Repel Mosquitoes

Commonly grown as ornamental border plants, marigolds are hardy annual plants which have a distinctive smell which mosquitoes, and some gardeners, find particularly offensive. Marigolds contain Pyrethrum, a compound used in many insect repellents. Marigolds prefer full sunlight and reasonably... more
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Valentine’s Day Flowers Frisked for Bugs

Sending flowers on Valentine’s Day is a very romantic gesture.  However, what would you do if you received flowers with some extra pests on them? Thanks to the Customs and Border Patrol, this doesn't happen. The most imported flowers for Valentine’s Day are roses, daffodils, orchids, tulips... more
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Mother's Day Is Just 5 Days Away, Don't Forget Her Flowers And Leave Out The Mites!!

Getting the bugs out -- literally -- of Mother's Day flowers at LAX By Art Marroquin, Staff Writerdailybreeze.com The last thing any mom wants next weekend is a pest. To keep that from happening, federal authorities are preparing for Mother's Day by scrutinizing an estimated 40 million flowers for... more
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Should We Say Goodbye to Any Bugs You May Have Seen??

Well, the last couple days have been really nice out but the forecast for today and tomorrow seem to bring us back to winter. This last week almost felt like the groundhog was wrong; children were out playing basketball and riding bikes, kids ripping their coats off and parents out for walks. But... more
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Insects Found In Valentine's Day Flowers

Many people probably don’t know but the U.S. Homeland Security have specialized agents with Customs and Border Protection going through every shipment of flowers sent to the Port of Atlanta, looking for invasive bugs and plant diseases. Agents say some of the bugs could wipe out entire fields,... more
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