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Beetles Fight Hemlock Eating Pests

By The Associated Press For nearly 60 years, scientists have watched helplessly as a war of bug vs. hemlock played out from Georgia to Maine. Now they’ve got a new weapon in their arsenal — another bug — and say the tide is turning, at least in New England. The hemlock woolly adelgid,... more
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Cockroach Facts

They say a Cockroach could survive a Nuclear Explosion, that we will discuss another day, today let’s just look at some Cockroach Facts. The Cockroach Facts are: Cockroaches have been around since the time of the dinosaurs. As a matter of fact, these insects are incredibly hardy. They generally... more
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Genetically Mutated Mosquitoes Fighting Dengue Fever

By Reg Gale Scientists, attempting to halt Dengue fever, for the first time released mosquitoes into the wild that had been genetically modified to pass on deadly DNA that kills their offspring. About 19,000 lab-altered insects were released into 25 acres on Grand Cayman Island in 2009, according... more
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