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Indoor Pets Can Get Fleas

Some of our fury friends don't go outside.  However, just because they stay inside your home, doesn’t mean they are safe from fleas. Fleas can easily jump onto you or anyone coming inside your house and get inside your home. The risk is even higher if you also have dogs. Fleas are very tiny and... more
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Pet Pest Protection

Repel fleas and ticks on your cats and dogs with these essential oils. For cats, mix 1/4 or a tablespoon of both lemon and lavender essential oils. Apply the mixture behind the shoulders and under the chin. For dogs, add another 1/4 tablespoon of tea tree oil. Do not use tea tree oil on cats.... more
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Do You Have Fleas?

If your cats or dogs are bringing fleas into the house, try salting your carpets and furniture. Before going to bed, pour a heavy amount of salt all over any fabric surfaces, such as couches, dog beds, etc. In the morning, vacuum all of the salt. This will kill the larvae. Repeat this for 3-4... more
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Keep Pets Protected From Fleas and Ticks

With the return of warm weather, everyone wants to spend more time outdoors—including household pets such as dogs and cats. Like people, pets are also at risk for the serious health complications that can arise from tick and flea bites. Pet owners should take the necessary precautions to protect... more
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Tick season has begun!

Taking care of fleas and ticks on your pet Taking care of your pets responsibly includes protecting them from fleas and ticks. Before purchasing and applying pesticide products to pets to control fleas and ticks, there is important information you should know. Safety tips for pet owners: ... more
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