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The Pests You May Encounter While Camping

Raccoon says, "Your Trash Is My Dinner!" Camping is a lot of fun and for families it can be the go to vacation. The only issue with camping are the pests that like to join you from time to time. Here is a list of some of the pests you may encounter and how to help protect yourself from them. You... more
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Black Wingless Insect Known As The 'Kissing Bug' Causing The Chagas Disease

Experts Warn Of The 'Dangerous  Spread' Of Chagas Disease In Paper Published May 30, 2012/FoxNews.com In a recent editorial published in PLoS Neglected Tropical Disease, experts  from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston have highlighted the ‘dangerous  spread’ of Chagas disease, the New... more
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Tick Season Is Here, Protect Yourself From Lyme Disease

This time of year, the warm weather and longer days attract more outdoor human activity as well as a more active tick population. This means greater opportunity for human and tick interaction and increased risk of human exposure to ticks that can carry the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. Some... more
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Mother's Day Is Just 5 Days Away, Don't Forget Her Flowers And Leave Out The Mites!!

Getting the bugs out -- literally -- of Mother's Day flowers at LAX By Art Marroquin, Staff Writerdailybreeze.com The last thing any mom wants next weekend is a pest. To keep that from happening, federal authorities are preparing for Mother's Day by scrutinizing an estimated 40 million flowers for... more
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Veterans' Day

Being Veterans’ Day an interesting fact some may not know is that the military was the control of disease – and disease-carrying insects and animals. In 1942, for every soldier felled in combat, eight soldiers were incapacitated by insect borne diseases.  Entomologists in the National Museum... more
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