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Interesting Facts about Ticks

Summer means more sunshine (usually) and more time outdoors playing, hiking and exploring nature. Unfortunately, this can also mean more quality time with some of nature’s most nefarious pests. Ticks, which are commonly encountered in tall grass and wooded areas, are one such notorious pest.... more
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Tick Control in Massachusetts

Most people have, at one time or another, found a tick on a family member, the family pet or on themselves.  Tick bites can be painful and cause skin inflammation, secondary infection and could start forming microorganisms that spread disease. There are several different types of ticks found in... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday!

Just because the weather is getting cooler, doesn't mean that the precautions taken to prevent ticks should stop.  The fall season is adult tick season and these pest are still looking for hosts to feed from.  Continue taking all precautions from ticks when participating in outside activities. ... more
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