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Clean out the Pantry Pests

It’s time to clean out your pantry! We have some simple tips on how to best organize your food storage area – and prevent unwanted house guests in the form of pantry pests. Some of the most common pests we see invading our pantries and cabinets are those that are identified as pantry pests,... more
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Keep Your House Dry and Clean This Winter

Don’t wait for spring-cleaning. Prevent an infestation all winter long. Make sure to do these few chores to keep on top of any pests trying to move in. Vacuum regularly Check for leaks around sinks, toilets &tubs Keep fire wood outside Wipe counter tops after each meal ... more
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Prepare Your Home For The Fall

Fall is just around the corner now, beautiful weather, glorious colored leaves, fairs and festivals, you can just smell it in the air, and just as you are preparing for your fall activities, the bug are preparing for the cold season. Because we have had such an early spring and summer with... more
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