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Bugs In Your Christmas Tree

Purchasing a real Christmas tree may be a big decision for many people, but fears of introducing unwanted and potentially harmful pests into the home via the tree are unwarranted. Every Christmas tree can harbor insects, mites, or spiders. Some of these may remain on the tree into winter and could... more
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Keep Your Christmas Tree Bug Free

Tis the season to bring in your Christmas tree teeming with the smell of evergreen needles and holiday spirit.However, your Christmas tree could bring insects into your home. Aphids, mites, adelgids, spiders, bark beetles and even praying mantids could come into the house with the tree! Before... more
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Gingerbread Castle Competition in Worcester on December 17th

Gingerbread Castle Competition and Holiday Celebration Join this sweet competition as local bakers, culinary students, and restaurateurs compete. Museum guests may vote for their favorite gingerbread castle. Classical guitarist Carl Kamp will perform holiday favorites while the Master Singers of... more
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Keep Your Christmas Tree Free of Bugs

There's nothing like the smell of evergreen needles to get you in the holiday spirit. But when you bring a live or cut Christmas tree indoors, some of the insects that call your Christmas tree home might be joining you for the holiday season. Here's what you need to know about Christmas tree... more
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