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Doctors in the United States should be aware of the risk of mother-to-child transmission of Chagas disease.

First US case of mother-to-child Chagas disease reported Published July 06, 2012 MyHealthNewsDaily A boy born in Virginia two years ago became the known first person in the United States to have acquired Chagas disease from his mother, according to a new report that describes the case. The case... more
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The Facts About The Chagas Disease And The Kissing Bug

Is Chagas Disease Really the 'AIDS of the Americas'? May 31, 2012 -- Chagas disease is being called the new "AIDS of the Americas." The shocking comparison has put this neglected tropical disease in headlines around the world. Who's at risk? Is Chagas really as bad as AIDS? Here's WebMD's Chagas... more
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Black Wingless Insect Known As The 'Kissing Bug' Causing The Chagas Disease

Experts Warn Of The 'Dangerous  Spread' Of Chagas Disease In Paper Published May 30, 2012/FoxNews.com In a recent editorial published in PLoS Neglected Tropical Disease, experts  from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston have highlighted the ‘dangerous  spread’ of Chagas disease, the New... more
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