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Carpet Beetles in the Home

Cockroaches, termites and bed bugs get a lot of press. However, carpet beetles should really join your most unwanted list. They can literally eat you out of house and home. Carpet beetles will eat just about anything,: carpets, furniture, lint, hair, garments, blankets, pet food, animal nests,... more
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Fall Bring Pests

We love the fall season, but not the pests that come with it! Have you spotted more critters making their way into your home? Share your stories with... more
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Pest Control is Vital to Our Everyday Lives

Public health officials attribute the quality of life we have today to three things: better pharmaceuticals and vaccines, better sanitation and better pert control. Here are four reasons, pest control is vital to our everyday lives. Pest professionals protect our property from damage. Pests can... more
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