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Pantry Moths in Your Kitchen

Pantry months, also known as Weevils, Flour Moths, Indian Meal Moths or Kitchen Moths, pantry moths are small moths commonly found in grains.   How do they get into the food? Pantry moths are usually brought into the home via  food purchased. Grains are not their exclusive food source, they can... more
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Bugs and Food Defects

According to the FDA these food defects are part of the normal process of growing and processing food, and they present no health hazard as long as they remain below the "action levels" listed. Did you know that rodent hair is allowed to be in spices? Just like insect fragments, rodent hairs are... more
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8 Bugs You Don't Know You Are Eating

By David Zinczenko with Matt Goulding I'm a big proponent of protein. Eggs for breakfast, grilled chicken for lunch, lightly seared filet of salmon for dinner—I can't get enough. But even I have a limit, and that limit generally begins about the time I see exoskeletons, tentacles, pinchers, or... more
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