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Mosquito breeding grounds | Bug Tip Tuesday

It’s up to you to keep your home and business mosquito free. With that in mind, try to take these steps to eliminate sites where mosquitoes can deposit their eggs. Dispose of old tires, buckets, ceramic pots and other containers on your property that collect rain water or pool morning dew. ... more
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Silverfish facts

The Latin name for silverfish, Lepisma saccharina, translates to "sugar eater". It was chosen because silverfish tend to eat starchy foods high in carbohydrates and protein. The insect's common name comes from the insect's distinctive metallic appearance and fish-like shape and movement. They... more
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Carpenter Ant Prevention | Bug Tip Tuesday

Replace moisture-damaged wood. Prevent moisture from wood or lumber that is stored in a garage or near the house by elevating it to allow air circulation. Store firewood as far away from buildings as possible. Remove tree and shrub stumps and roots. Trim branches that overhang the... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday | Keep Spiders Out

To try to keep spiders out of your house, you can use the following mixture in your home: Fill a spray bottle with water and add 10-15 drops of peppermint oil.  Take a sniff to make sure it smells minty, if you need more, add a few more drops. Spray the peppermint water int eh cracks and... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday | Getting Rid of Cockroaches

To try to eliminate cockroaches yourself, you can try these home made mixes: Boric acid roach bait mix: Use a safer homemade roach bait that is made by mixing equal parts powdered sugar, flour, and boric acid together. Sprinkle in backs of cabinets, under the sink, behind appliances, and in... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday | Bounce Fabric Softener

Some people have sworn by the power of Bounce dryer sheets—and specifically Bounce, too—to keep mosquitoes away from them, and gnats out of their garden. Now scientists have proven the power of fluffy white sheets as an insect repellent. Kansas State University Entomology Professor Raymond... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday | Sandbox Tips

Keep bugs out of your kids' sandbox this summer with a simple, all-natural bug repellent: cinnamon! Just mix a cup of cinnamon in with the sand and it will repel ants, centipedes, flies, and even neighborhood... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday | Ant Repellent

Ants do not like the smell of vinegar, so it’s a natural ant repellent. Spray vinegar at their point of entry and they’ll stop coming into your home. Just like vinegar, ants hate the smell of mint. Lay mint tea bags at the ant’s point of entry to your home and they’ll stay outside... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday | Patriotic Bug-Away Candle holders

Along with creating a festive Fourth of July table, these patriotic candle holders are scented with smells that keep bugs away from your guests and food. And most of the materials needed for this can be found at the dollar store for only a few bucks. So set the table, light the candles, and get... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday | Vicks VapoRub Repellent

Vicks VapoRub contains cedarleaf oil, which is a natural insect repellent.  Just rub a little on your skin.  You don't have to rub it all over, just apply small dabs on your ankles, wrists, neck, inner elbows, knees and behind your ears.  The smell of the menthol in it will repel... more
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